Our Mission

The team at Arenkay Building Designs aims to provide exceptional quality documentation and advice as well as a professional service to our clients and the building industry. We are committed to providing sustainable, cost effective, practical yet innovative design solutions for the built environment.

We believe at Arenkay Designs we have become more aware of the best way to promote client designs both informatively and creatively, while remaining to define every aspect of the Building Design process clearly. Since our inception and within a competitive industry we have prided ourselves on referral opportunities, community support programs and encouraged feedback. We now have added strengths to advertise, market and promote ourselves through various media.

Arenkay Designs is highly positioned within the residential market; our designs are easily constructed and can be adapted to suit altered briefs without compromising overall appeal. However we continually are adding expertise and aptitude to sectors encompassing industrial and commercial design. With the expertise on hand at Arenkay Designs, we are able to cater for any project, no matter the size.

Our professional experiences are full of wealth, so we make all efforts and invest our interest in attaining minimum costs for you, and we aim to provide great insight, to create designs with your practicality in mind. We believe all costs associated should be justifiable to the end result and ensure your project is monitored not only by us and also by our close association with your builder.

We take pride in our specialisations and are keen to further our portfolio. We don’t just fit clients to designs but aim to provide a sustainable yet practical solution built around ultimately the client. We offer built environments and surroundings that truly reflect personality, finances, and geographic locations. In some instances clients have chosen variations of successful designs from our portfolio, which we alter to suit.